Often researchers are solving problems related to Pricing, Product Positioning, Brand Management and Product Optimization.

Our end to end product framework supports easy execution of conjoint studies and also assist in result presentation in cloud deployed formats. We have made Conjoint Analysis much simpler, faster and easily manageable.

DIY Conjoint

Design your own conjoint exercise with our complete DIY solution. A user can create designs, develop conjoint programs and see outputs using the DIY Conjoint.

Anybody with a basic understanding of conjoint can use the application efficiently and execute conjoint studies at a much less cost. For those who want assistance, our experts are always ready to support and make your projects a success.

Unlimited Attributes and Levels
Advanced design module
Automated Programming
Automated Simulators

Conjoint Designer

For dependency on platforms that doesn't have in built Conjoint modules, our offering enables easy inclusion of Conjoint design for survey creation.

So, a user can easily create Conjoint designs as per their requirement and with the smart plug-n-play utility, run conjoint surveys in the programming tool of their choice.

Design With Prohibitions
Alternate Specific Designs
Easy Integration with Programming platforms

Cloud Based Simulators

With technology enabling cloud based research outputs, excel simulators are thing of past. Our in depth understanding of Conjoint analysis has helped us in creating a framework that supports simulator automation and converting it to cloud based applications.

So, no more dedicated time required to create complex excel simulators, just upload utilities and simulators are ready.

Automated Simulators
Calibration Module
Robust Estimations
Support Modules On Reporting

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