With market flooded with different products on concept tests, our unique offering on assisted DIY Concept tests make things much quicker and scalable.

Just feed your ideas in our platform and withing minutes your studies will be good to go. On top of this, all advanced features that are available typically in service model are also available in our platform.

Screen Swipper

As research is shifting to mobile from traditional ways, our solution is specifically developed to execute studies quickly on mobile.

Respondents take the survey in an interactive environment and just swipe through the entire survey giving richer insights.

Mobile Based
Instant report after completion
Interactive survey design

Idea Shortlister

Moving away from traditional concept tests, our innovative ways of gaining more details for each evaluated concept makes insights more powerful.

With fully customizable layouts and automated program creation, insights are much quicker and valuable.

Concept Highlighters
Heat Maps
Audio/ Video Concepts
Generic Concept Tests

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