For problems related to identifying best offerings in a portfolio, claims that are liked by customers and feature bundling, Maxdiff is the go-to methodology.

With years of experience in building customized solutions for our clients, we provide solutions for Maxdiff that are unheard in industry.

Maxdiff Designer

For those dependent on platforms that don't have in built Maxdiff modules, our offering enables easy inclusion of Maxdiff design for survey creation.

So, a user can easily create Maxdiff designs as per there requirement and with the smart plug-n-play utility, run surveys in the programming tool of their choice.

Maxdiff Exercise designer
Design Integrator
Advanced design modules

Maxdiff Explorer

Results are best viewed when they are presented in an interactive format.

With our cloud based Maxdiff outputs, users can view results of their studies on the fly and even on hand held devices.

Cloud Based Simulators
Inclusion of TURF
Multiple Anchoring options in Outputs

Maxdiff Researcher

Our first in industry DIY application that can help users not only in creating a Maxdiff design, but also in programming and simulator creation.

A cloud based utility that will take care of all the Maxdiff work and is 4X faster than the traditional service model.

Automated Programming
Includes Sparse, Express & Bandit's Maxdiff
Automated Simulator Generation
Anchored Maxdiff

Advanced Optimization Solutions

With our in depth Knowledge of Maxdiff and its outputs, we have turn key solutions for problems where different analytical techniques are married with Maxdiff.

So, whether it is related to clustering or using maxdiff in Conjoint, our solution is capable of delivering on all fronts.

Maxdiff Based Clustering
SKU Optimization
Feature/ Product Bundling
Menu Creator

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